What are the best interactive workshops for learning about Celtic myths in Wales?

Wales, a land steeped in ancient history, medieval lore and Celtic folklore, offers a wealth of knowledge and fascination. For those of you intrigued by the enchanting tales of yore and eager to delve into the captivating world of Welsh mythology, there are numerous interactive workshops scattered across the country where you can immerse yourselves in studies of the Celts and their age-old stories. This article will guide you through the most engaging and educative workshops in Wales that focus on Celtic myths, their origins and profound influence on Welsh culture.

The Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies

Nestled in the heart of the university town of Aberystwyth, the Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies is a crucial hub for anyone seeking to delve into the depths of Celtic and Welsh history. The centre is highly reputed for its rigorous research and commitment towards the dissemination of knowledge on all aspects of Celtic studies, folklore, and medieval history.

The Centre frequently conducts interactive workshops that focus heavily on the myths and legends that form the cornerstone of Welsh and Celtic heritage. One of their most renowned workshops, the Celtic Myths and Legends course, is a particular favourite among students. The course is punctuated by engaging lectures, spirited discussions and even field trips to historical sites. Open to all, you can attend these workshops physically or opt for their equally enriching online versions.

The Corris Institute of Celtic Studies

Renowned for its quaint charm and deep roots in Welsh tradition, the small village of Corris is home to an institute dedicated solely to the study of Celtic culture and history - The Corris Institute of Celtic Studies. This Institute, with its firm grounding in Celtic myths and folklore, has become a beacon for seekers of knowledge.

Their course, The World of Celtic Myths, takes students on an enchanting journey through time, tracing the origins of Celtic myths and their profound influence on Welsh culture. The course is delivered in a workshop format, fostering a vibrant exchange of ideas and insights. What sets it apart is the innovative inclusion of traditional storytelling sessions and dramatisations of popular Celtic myths that make the experience engaging and unforgettable.

The University of Wales Trinity Saint David

As one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Wales, the University of Wales Trinity Saint David has a rich history of contributing to Celtic studies. Its location in Lampeter gives students the unique advantage of being situated in an area steeped in Welsh history and folklore.

The university's Exploring Celtic Myths course offers students a comprehensive understanding of Celtic mythology and its resonance in modern Welsh culture. Through interactive workshops, open discussions, and engaging lectures, students can gain a detailed insight into the fascinating world of Celtic myths. The course, available both on-campus and online, is a testament to the university's commitment to innovative, accessible learning.

The National Library of Wales

The National Library of Wales, located in Aberystwyth, houses an impressive collection of Celtic literature and historical documents. However, its significance extends beyond being a mere repository of books.

Through its interactive workshops and courses, the library provides a platform for individuals to learn about Celtic myths directly from the scriptures. Their course Celtic Myths: A Reading Workshop offers participants the chance to read, dissect, and discuss Celtic tales under the guidance of experts. This experience is further enriched by the library's extensive resources at the disposal of its students.

The St Fagans National Museum of History

The St Fagans National Museum of History, situated just outside Cardiff, is a window into the past. This open-air museum offers a unique combination of history, culture, and natural beauty, making it an ideal destination for those interested in Welsh folklore and Celtic studies.

The museum's Celtic Myths and Legends Workshop is a must-attend. This workshop provides an immersive experience, allowing participants to explore Celtic myths within the context of actual historical Welsh buildings. The session combines traditional storytelling with hands-on activities, ensuring an engaging and memorable learning experience.

Whether you're drawn to the Celtic myths because of their captivating narratives, a desire to understand the Celtic culture, or simply looking for a unique exploration of Welsh history, these workshops provide an enriching learning experience. These sessions, whether online or in-person, bring Celtic folklore to life, providing a vivid picture of the fascinating world of Celts and their enduring influence on Welsh culture. Each workshop or course is unique in its delivery, yet all share a common goal - to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of Celtic myths and their place in Welsh history.

Aberystwyth University: Department of Welsh and Celtic Studies

With a long-standing reputation for excellence in the area of medieval Welsh and Celtic studies, Aberystwyth University's Department of Welsh and Celtic Studies is a go-to destination for those seeking to delve deeper into Celtic mythology. Centrally located in Mid Wales, Aberystwyth provides the perfect backdrop for such an academic pursuit.

The department's Celtic Myths and Medieval Welsh Literature course provides a comprehensive study of Celtic myths, with a particular focus on Arthurian literature. In this course, students will explore the world of King Arthur, delving deep into the Middle Ages, and examining how these stories evolved over time and what they reveal about Celtic culture.

Through interactive seminars and discussions, students will learn how to analyse and interpret medieval Welsh texts. They'll also become familiar with the Welsh language, which serves as a gateway to understanding the nuances of these ancient tales. The course is available on-campus, but for those who are unable to attend in person, an equally engaging online option is also provided.

Corris Craft Centre

If you're more hands-on in your approach to learning, the Corris Craft Centre, located close to the enchanting Corris Caverns, could be the perfect workshop for you. Here, Celtic myths are brought to life through a unique combination of folklore studies and traditional craft-making.

Their Celtic Myths and Crafts workshop is an immersive experience where participants are encouraged to explore Celtic myths and legends, focusing on the period of the Iron Age. Students will create their own artefacts inspired by Celtic mythology, helping to cement their understanding of this ancient culture.

In addition to learning about course content, this workshop provides a practical element. Participants will pick up traditional crafting skills, using methods that date back to the Middle Ages. With its perfect blend of theory and practice, the Corris Craft Centre offers a thorough and engaging approach to learning about Celtic myths.


As seen, workshops focusing on Celtic myths in Wales are as diverse as they are fascinating. Whether you prefer the academic rigour of a university setting such as Aberystwyth University or the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, the historical immersion of the Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies or the St Fagans National Museum of History, or even the hands-on approach of the Corris Craft Centre, there is something for everyone.

Each course will provide not only a wealth of knowledge on Celtic mythology but also a broader understanding of Celtic and Welsh culture, history, and the Welsh language. From exploring the legends of King Arthur in Arthurian literature to crafting Iron Age-inspired artefacts, these workshops offer an unparalleled opportunity to dive into the captivating world of Celtic myths.

So, whether you're looking to expand your knowledge of English literature, enhance your understanding of the English language, or foster a deeper appreciation of modern Irish and modern Welsh culture, these interactive workshops in Wales will surely provide you with an enriching and unforgettable learning experience.